In-stock bottle of 20 ml Oil


Jiva Anu Oil is an effective formulation which nourishes all the sensory organs. Regular application of this oil into the nostrils improves the perception of the sense organs and even helps in avoiding graying and falling of hair and retaining the natural colour of the hair. Jiva Anu Oil can be used in Torticollis, headache, facial paralysis, allergic rhinitis, and migraine.
Jiva Anu Oil has White Sandalwood, Agar (Aloe Wood), Cinnamon, Manjeeth (Indian Madder), Dried Ginger, Arcmool (Calotropis Root), Turmeric. 
Directions of use:
Two drops of Jiva Anu Oi should be applied in both the nostrils, after hot water bath or before going to bed with a cotton swab or ear bud.
Jiva Anu Oil is recommended for sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, headache, and migraine.
Jiva Anu Oil clears the blocked channels of the nasal passage and balances the aggravated Kapha dosha.
Contraindications: None.
Use under medical supervision.