Jiva Brahmi Tablet Pack of 2
Jiva Ayurvedic Pharmacy Ltd
In-stock bottle of 120 tablets


Jiva Brahmi Tablet is a wonder product for improving your mental faculties. Indian physicians have used its principal ingredient, Brahmi, for centuries for its beneficial impact on the nervous system. It is a confirmed brain tonic and its rejuvenating effect on the entire nervous system is legendary. Jiva Brahmi Tablet also helps combat stress and mental trauma. 
Jiva Brahmi Tablet has Brahmi.
Directions of use:
Jiva Brahmi Tablet to be swallowed with water or milk or as per physician’s advice.
Jiva Brahmi Tablet is recommended for a weak nervous system, anxiety, depression.
Indian physicians have used Brahmi, the main ingredient of the tablet, for centuries to for its beneficial impact on the nervous system. It is a brain tonic and improves the faculties considerably. It pacifies Kapha and pitta doshas in the body. It rejuvenates the Dhatus and strengthens the heart.

Contraindications: None.

Use under medical supervision.