Jiva Turmeric Cream Pack of 2
Jiva Ayurvedic Pharmacy Ltd
In-stock tube of 50 gm Cream
Jiva Turmeric Cream containing herbs like Pippali, Neem, Haldi, Rosemary etc. The main ingredient of the Jiva Turmeric cream is Haldi. Haldi has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Jiva Turmeric Cream indicates in skin allergies, pimple, acne, wounds, cuts and enhances fair complexions, burns. Jiva Turmeric cream will keep your skin infection free and soft by helping to heal the minute wounds on it. Jiva Turmeric cream will bring back the natural glow to any dull skin as it cleanses the pores of accumulated impurities.
Benefits of Jiva Turmeric cream:
Enhances skin complexion.
Protects from skin infections.
Reduces blemishes and spots.
Ensure soft and smooth skin.
Direction of use:
Wash the area with warm water and dry with the towel. Apply Jiva Turmeric cream and rub gently. Leave overnight or at least for 2 hours.
Use under medical supervision.