About us

About us.

Dawaiwala.com is a platform for online pharmacy and healthcare services which is convenient, trusted, and a user-friendly online store in dispensing quality medicines and health care services. At DawaiWala.com, we assist you to look after and better understand your own health as well as help and take necessary care of your dear ones, given any location in India. We make health care, medicinal punctuality, availability of medicines, and well being easy to understand, accessible, and trustworthy which is just a few clicks away.

What we do...

We offer access and purchase of medicines and healthcare services online with convenient home delivery options and at the comfort of one’s home.
At DawaiWala.com, we provide a wide range of prescription medicines, generic medicines, health care products, Tele-consultations with renowned doctors from India and Abroad, Pathological tests at the comfort of your homes, available all across India.

Why Us?

With an increase in health issues and rapidly changing lifestyles, we lose out a lot of time to multitasking, eventually, healthcare and medicinal punctuality are what suffers the most. To manage chronic medical conditions, skipping vital medicines or misplacing dosages and time could take a toll on one’s health. Therefore we at DawaiWala.com promise to take utmost care and assure that our customers shall not run out of essential medicines and shall not miss out on their timely dosage.

At DawaiWala.com your can shop for medicines online without leaving the comfort of your home and also gift your near and dear ones with an optimum health care facility, by accessing a wide range of medicines, health care services, and products only at DawaiWala.com.

What’s more!

Along with easy to understand and reliable drug information, you can stay well informed about all your medicines and the upgraded medicines that are available in the market through trusted clinical research at DawaiWala.com.Our customers will get regular refill reminders so you will never miss out on your medicines or fall short of them.


DawaiWala.com offers a Wide Range of Pharmaceuticals and Health care services.

At DawaiWala.com, we provide you with a wide range of medicines listed under various categories; we also offer a wide choice of Prescription medicines, Over the Counter (OTC) products including wellness products, vitamins/fitness supplements, baby/mother care products, beauty care products, accredited alternative medicine products and many others.

At DawaiWala we provide Tele-Consultations and Video Conferencing with renowned Doctors from India and Abroad, on the panel of DawaiWala.com along with pathological and other Diagnostic test services. Our professionals from DawaiWala.com will be available for sample collection for pathological tests and other necessary Diagnostic tests at the comfort of your homes.

We at DawaiWala.com strive to make medicines accessible to you and easy to maintain a schedule for your medicinal needs. DawaiWala.com maintains all customer health records with utmost privacy and care, making it convenient for you, from the hassle of forgetting files or searching for prior listed history, as well as easy access to doctors without long waiting hours for appointments.


DawaiWala.com is committed to providing reliable, affordable, and safe medicines as well as a healthy customer service philosophy worthy of our customers’ loyalty. We offer an experience, which includes absolute transactional security and confidentiality and a user friendly and easy to operate an online site.