Jiva Cucumber Water Pack of 2
Jiva Ayurvedic Pharmacy Ltd
In-stock bottle of 100 ml Liquid


Jiva Cucumber Water is a multi-purpose toner containing cucumber and other extracts to tone and refresh the skin. Cucumber hydrates the skin and gives it a cooling effect. Soap nut fruit is antimicrobial and is beneficial for preventing infections. It cleanses toxins from the deeper pores of the skin, and removes dirt and oil. It freshens and tones the skin, preparing it for application of make-up. Restores the pH balance of skin. Provides a luster to the skin. Can be used for all skin types.
Benefits of Jiva Cucumber Water:
It freshens and tones the skin.
It restores the pH balance of skin.
It cleanses toxins from deep skin pores.
It prevents infections of skin.
Jiva Cucumber Water provides lustre to dull skin.
Directions of use:
Wash face with lukewarm water and dry with towel. Apply the water all over face and neck and rub gently. Avoid the eyes. Gently massage in upward direction.

Use under medical supervision.