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Jiva Ear Candles contains Beeswax, Sage & Tea extracts as its ingredient.
Key benefits of Jiva Ear Candles:
Ear candles are highly effective in gently cleansing ear wax and alleviates pain related to chronic headaches and sinusitis by enhancing blood flow within the ear canal.
Ear candles provide a relaxing sensation and improve lymphatic circulation.
Use of Ear Candles is helpful in treating vertigo and insomnia.
Direction for use:
Insert the candle through the hole in the disc provided in the package. 
Advise the recipient to lie comfortably on his/her side so that the ear is facing upwards.
Gently insert the narrow tip of the candle in the ear and ask the recipient to hold it to keep it in place.
Burn the wick on the wide end of the candle.
If smoke leaks from the narrow end inside the ear, adjust carefully until the candle is properly inserted.
Let the candle burn till the safety mark.  
Safety information:
Not for pregnant women or people with perforated eardrums or patients with recent ear surgery. Do not use ear buds or drip oil inside the ear canal. Please consult a doctor to get treatment for medical conditions.
Do not use ear candles alone, this is best done by a second person. Avoid being near inflammable materials. Do not blow air on the flame. Dip in a bowl of water to extinguish.
Use under medical supervision.