In-stock bottle of 125 ml Shampoo
Spoo Baby Shampoo is an emollient-based, gentle, soap-free, non-irritating shampoo which gently cleans babies hair and scalp and help in the management of common dry skin conditions.
The shampoo is very mild and it does not burn the eyes of baby. Lathers well and washes off all the oil in one wash. It is a tear free shampoo.
The shampoo is of thick consistency and transparent in color. It lathers up nicely and washes off completely without leaving any sticky residue behind. It also cleans the scalp neatly without drying it out. 
Spoo baby shampoo makes babaies hair soft and shiny and leaves a very mind fragrance. It is mild and gentle for the baby’s hair and scalp.
Spoo shampoo is sulfate free and is enriched with tear free formula. It is absolutely Hypoallergenic and cleans hair thoroughly and removes oil giving fresh hair.
Use under Medical Supervision.