Improve various Health Conditions through Yoga

To Improve Various Health Conditions, Most of the following common disorders can be treated by Yoga combined with meditation and/or visualization. Before performing any of these postures, please be sure to perform relaxation and deep breathing exercises.


Aging, To Delay

Full practice, mental and physical, with special emphasis on Headstand; Half-shoulder stand;

Shoulderstand. All swinging - downward exercises and Slow Movements; Raised Poses. All breathing cycles; Recharging of Vital Energy;

Uddiyana; Nauli; Savasana; Yoga-mudra. Mental Exercises: Mind Mirror; Releasing of Inner Light; Concentration on Love and Devotion.

Ankles, Swollen Headstand; Inverted Poses; Vajroli mudra.
Arms, To Firm Arm exercises. Raised Poses. Head of a Cow Pose.
Arthritis All asanas and exercises are possible.
Asthma All abdominal breathing. The pose of a Frog; Pose of a Fish; Savasana.
Backache, From Displaced Organs Headstand; Inverted Poses; Aswini mudra.
Backache, From Weak Muscles Back exercises; Plough; Cobra.
Backache, From Menstruation Spinal Twist; Fish; Locust; Camel; Headstand. Breathing away pain; Sending prana to spine.
Bust, To Firm Cobra; Camel; Bust exercises.
Chin, To Prevent Double And Firm Underneath Pose of a Camel; Supine Pelvic; Face exercises; Pose of a Lion.
Circulatory Troubles Triangular Pose. Inverted Poses. Breathing cycles.
Colds All breathing cycles, specially Blacksmith's Bellows; Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vital Energy charging.
Concentration, To Improve Headstand; Half-shoulder stand; Lotus Pose; Balancing Poses; Yoga-mudra; Concentration exercises.
Confidence, Loss Of Headstand; Raised Poses; Cobra; Spinal Twist; Lotus Pose; Balancing Poses; Vajroli mudra; Angular Pose; Mental exercises.
Constipation Uddiyana; Nauli; Head-to-knee; Plough; Fish; Cobra; Savasana; Locust; Inverted Poses; Yoga-mudra; Aswinimudra; Vajroli-mudra.
Depression General practice, especially Savasana; Headstand and all inverted poses; Cobra; Vajroli-mudra; Locust; Spinal Twist; Breathing cycles; Mental exercises; Also diet control.
Dowager's Hump Neck exercises. The pose of a Camel; Headstand; Inverted Poses.
Energy, Vital -Loss Of Headstand; Shoulderstand; Savasana; Vajroli-mudra; Breathing cycles; Recharging cycles; Energy-charging cycles; Circulating Life Force.
Facial Muscles, Sagging Inverted Poses; Headstand; Facial exercises.Head of a Cow; Yoga-mudra.
Fear The pose of a Hero; Lotus Pose; Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vajroli-mudra; Spinal Twist; Cobra; Meditation; Mental exercises, especially on Fear.
Feet, Swollen Inverted poses; Feet exercises.
Cold Circulation Exercises. Warming breath. Triangular Pose.
Flatulence Knee-to-stomach Pose; Digestive cycles; Breathing cycles.
Frustration, General Breathing cycles; Savasana; Lotus Pose; All mental exercises.
Frustration, Sexual Dangerous Pose, and transmuting of energies.
Hemorrhoids Inverted poses; Aswini-mudra; walking on buttocks; Massage.
Hearing, Failing Headstand; Half-shoulder stands; All forward swinging exercises; Yoga-mudra.
Heart Conditions Savasana; Breathing cycles for slowing down breath and heart. Mental exercises; Pose of a Frog; Pose of a Child; Diamond Pose. Lotus Pose; Fish Pose; in some cases, with doctors permission, Headstand.
Hot Flushes Savasana; Shoulderstand; Quiet breathing cycles; Cooling breath.
Hypertension Savasana; Pacifying breathing cycles; Frog Pose; Cross-legged Poses; Fish Pose; Diamond Pose; Mental exercises.
Impotence Headstand; Shoulderstand; Savasana; Aswini-mudra; Vajroli-mudra; Breathing cycles; Transmuting of energies.
Indigestion Digestive cycle; Stomach contractions; Savasana; Knees to-stomach; Head-to-knee; Pacifying Breaths; Vajroli mudra; Yoga-mudra; Forward-stretching.
Insomnia Spinal massage-rocking; Triangular Pose; Savasana; Breathing cycles; Plough; Locust; Head-to-knee.
Joints, Stiffness Of All general practice, with emphasis on all exercises; Lotus Pose; Forward-stretching cycle; Spinal Twist; Archer; Camel; Eagle; Fish.
Legs, To Improve And Firm Eagle; Angular Pose; Forward-stretching cycle; Lotus; Head-to-knee.
Memory, Failing Headstand; Yoga-mudra; Pose of a Hare. Exercises bringing blood to the head. Mental exercises.
Menopause Savasana; Breathing and recharging cycles; Cobra; Spinal Twist; Head-to-knee; Stomach contractions; Ashwini mudra; Shoulderstand; Mental exercises.
Menstrual Difficulties Shoulderstand; Plough; Fish; Locust; Stomach contractions; Aswini-mudra; Cobra; Head-to-knee; Savasana.
Migraine Savasana; Headstand; Breathing cycles.
Neck, To Firm Neck exercises; Pose of a Camel.
Prolapse Headstand and all inverted poses; Aswini-mudra; Abdominal contractions (with doctor's approval).
Prostate Gland, Enlargement Aswini-mudra; Arch gesture.
Relative Strength, Loss Of Raised poses.
Rheumatism Spinal Twist; Cobra; Locust and general practice.
Sciatica Spinal Twist.
Sexual Debility Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vajroli-mudra; Half-shoulder stand; Plough; Fish; Eagle; Aswini-mudra; Frog Pose; Spinal Twist; Uddiyana. Transmutation of energies.
Sight, Care Of Eye exercises; Headstand; Half-shoulder stands; yoga-mudra; All forward swinging exercises.
Sinus Trouble Headstand; Breathing cycles; Blacksmith's Bellows.
Stomach, To Firm And Slim Uddiyana; Nauli; Camel; Locust; Forward-stretching cycle; Archer; Spinal Twist; Vajroli-mudra; All stomach exercises.
Stress And Tension Savasana; Shoulderstand; Pacifying breaths; Balancing Poses; Angular Pose; Cross-legged Poses; Diamond Pose; Pose of a Frog; Mental exercises.
Teeth Headstand; Half-shoulder stand; Face and neck exercises.
Thighs, To Firm Cobra; Locust; Lotus; Star Pose; Head-to-knee; Supine pelvic.
Throat, Weakness Of Pose of a Lion; Breathing cycles; Shoulderstand.
Thyroid Deficiency Shoulderstand; Cobra with chin pressed in; Choking Pose; Recharging breaths; Mental exercises.
Ulcers Savasana; Breathing cycles; Fish Pose; Pose of a Frog; Diamond Pose; All mental exercises.
Varicose Veins All inverted poses, including Headstand.
Waistline, To Reduce Sideways swing; Spinal Twist; Cobra; Forward-stretching cycle.
Weight, Excess Shoulderstand; All general practice; Diet.
Weight, Deficiency Shoulderstand; Savasana; Breathing cycles; Diet.
Worry All breathing cycles; Recharging with energy; Shoulder stand; Savasana; Pose of a Hero; Pose of a Frog; Fish Pose; Lotus Pose; Mental exercises.
Wrinkles Headstand; Half-shoulder stand; Knee-to-stomach; Face exercises; Yoga-mudra; All forward-stretching movements; Pose of a Camel. Head of a Cow.
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