20 minutes skin care routine in Ayurveda

The care you give to your skin depends to a large extent on the type of skin you have. However, we will discuss the basic skincare principles first. Then we will go into specific recommendations based on the type of skin you have. A daily routine of skincare requires no more than ten minutes and requires only three simple steps each evening and morning: Cleanse Tone Moisturize

  • Night care

    1. Cleanse. Remove any makeup with cleansing cream or a natural makeup remover. Wash with mild soap or another cleanser, rinse, and pat dry.

    2. Tone. Apply an acid-containing solution to restore the pH balance and protective shield. For dry skin, use a mild freshener-toner. For oily skin, use an astringent preparation.

    3. Moisturize. Splash on cool water or mist with a spray bottle. Blot, but do not dry completely-moisturizer magic relies more on retaining moisture than in providing it-then smooth on a few drops of your moisturizer.


    1. Cleanse lightly to remove nighttime accumulations, refresh your face with a few splashes of water, and pat dry.

    2. Tone by applying a freshener or astringent.

    3. Moisturize around your eyes. If your face is excessively dry, mist or splash with water, blot, then lightly cover with moisturizer.

    Other Steps That are Useful for Skincare

    Apply Masks

    Eye Treatment

    Facial Massage.

Quick 20 mins skincare tips.

  • Cleanse face with a gentle cleanser to suit skin type, using a cotton ball or a washcloth.

  • Steam face with head over a bowl of steaming hot water for 2 minutes.

  • Apply moisturizing, purifying face mask.

  • Bathe or shower with a few drops of relaxing essential oil or invigorating oil in the water. You may also put used herbal tea bags, or cucumber or potato slices over your eyes to remove the bagginess around the eyes. Relax totally for 10 minutes.

  • Pat body dry with thick warm towels. Apply body lotion all over while the skin is still moist. Take special care of feet, knees, elbows, and neck.

  • Remove mask with warm water and spray or splash face with mineral water.

  • Apply eye-soothing gel (if you are going out) or night eye cream (if you are going to bed) around eyes and on lids.

  • Apply moisturizer to face if going out, or your favorite night cream/oil if not.

  • Apply hand cream and a nail cream around cuticles.

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