Depression! A rising mental health issue.

Mental Health has taken center stage recently with growing pressure to outperform and multi-task in all areas of our life be it academic, professional, personal, family, or peer life. One of the main causes of burnout these days is depression and it is affecting a large number of people. Depression needs to be addressed with as much openness as with any other chronic disease this day.

Depression is difficult to notice in the initial stages and if left untreated or if one fails to address the issue due to the fear of being tabooed, then we are causing harm to our own health.

Depression and stress can lead to fatal health conditions and affects a persons immunity which may lead to poor health and a trial of diseases.

Depression is becoming a prevalent problem in India. Through research and surveys carried out by, we found about 3 in 10 people in India need psychological or psychiatry treatment and to maintain a healthy attitude approaching a counsellor always helps.

Individuals in corporate houses were highly prone to anxiety, depression, sleeplessness which a few individuals were aware of but did not address and which many were unaware of totally. Many sweep it off through self-medication or immersing themselves more into work instead of looking into the root cause of their mental health issue, leading to sugar, hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Young kids school and college-going were the next who were found to be more prone to obesity and loneliness due to the pressure to outperform themselves at school activities, exams and extracurricular activities. Since depression and stress drains one's health in many ways, instead of approaching a counsellor young people to indulge in drinking smoking, drugs emotional bingeing leading to obesity and other health care issues.

Thirdly, people staying in an Urban setup or cities were found to be facing many Mental health issues due to their urban set up that was affecting their output at work and the slow death of energy due to heavy traffic and time consumption of the daily chores that affects the quality of one's life and health. They were also found to be sleeping less than the required time necessary for bodies wear and tear.

Thus through, we have tried to promote how important taking care of ones mental health is equally important along with one's physical health.

It is important to address mental health issues, sharing helps either with a counsellor, a family member or a friend. This is the initial stage to identify and eventually figure out the right mental health issues one is suffering from to treat it the right way, through medication, treatments, therapy sessions or just counselling sessions is the essential step.

We should treat individuals facing such mental health issues with equal standing in mainstream society and help them with the right methods to identify and therapy.



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