Vitamin D! Sun that shines bright

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin necessary for maintaining our bones and helps in keeping joint pain and weakness at bay. Thus a deficiency in Vitamin D may pose a serious issue, yet it can be returned to the body following the right supplement and nutrient appropriate diet.

Vitamin D deficiency is a cause that is quite common these days. Given the advent of closed working spaces and amenities within the limits of our houses, outdoor activities have been drastically reduced which eventually leads to less sun exposure.

When the skin is exposed to sunlight the body in response to it produces Vitamin D, it's our body's natural process. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining strong bones because it helps our bodies use calcium effectively.

The common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are

a) Getting Sick often

b) Fatigue and Frequent tiredness

c) Body and Back pain, muscles, and joint pain

d) Depression

e) Hair Loss

f) Loss of Bone density 

g) Impaired wound healing

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis and fractures, leading to weak bones and severe muscle pain.

Vitamin D can be gained through food such as fish high in fish oil content, eggs along with egg yolk, milk and cheese, and whole grains and their products.

Outdoor activities or basking under the morning sun is also recommended. One should also check with a health professional since at times due to ongoing medicines there are chances that certain nutrients are depleted from the body and Vitamin D can be one of them.

Thus one can compensate for Vitamin D deficiency through a nutritional diet or through regular supplements. Supplements or Vitamin D powder sachets have been found to be commonly used to compensate for Vitamin D deficiency.




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