Dr Batra's Natural Skin Lightening Cream
Dr Batra Positive Health Products Limited
In-stock tube of 100 gm Cream


Dr. Batra s natural skin lightening cream contains a combination of Olive leaf and antioxidants. The main ingredient mulberry extracts which acts as a whitening agent as it contains phenyl flavanoids that inhibit the activation of tyrosinase. It helps in preventing the darkening of skin. It is a natural skin lightening cream with Mulberry extracts for a glowing, fairer complexion

Features of Dr. Batra s natural skin lightening cream :
Mulberry has natural skin lightening properties and imparts a fairness that cannot be missed
Contains Olive leaf extracts - wonderful antioxidants to detoxify skin gently for a youthful glow
Penetrates deep inside the skin to achieve a visible, luminous fairness
Regular use ensures a naturally fairer skin and a clear complexion

Directions of use:-
Gently massage onto thoroughly cleansed skin every morning. Repeat during the day for best results.

Use under medical supervision.