Dr Batra's Natural Moisturizing Cream
Dr Batra Positive Health Products Limited
In-stock tube of 100 gm Cream


Dr. Batra natural moisturizing Cream provides excellent moisture balance, smooth feel, soothing and youthful look to the skin along with protection against environmental pollutants.
Dr. Batra s natural moisturizing cream is enriched with Echinacea which protects against skin infections and also contains Shale Oil which reduces itching and flaking to soothe and smooth skin.
Wheat germ oil in Dr. Batra s natural moisturizing cream, is a rich source of Vitamin E which is very helpful for skin conditioning. It contains a unique formula having Olivem 1000, Oliwax (Ecocertified Green Ingredients) imported from Italy.

Directions of use:-
Apply Dr Batra s intense moisturizing cream gently on cleansed skin. Massage it properly. For the beat result apply at regular intervals.

Use under medical supervision.